K'Ho Coffee

K'ho Coffee is a cooperative of K'ho families sustainably growing high-quality arabica coffee on Langbiang Mountain, Dalat Vietnam. 

Our Coffee

We promote a sustainable coffee supply chain with organic farming/agroforestry practices and ecologically friendly coffee processing methods. 

We continuously plant and preserve seeds of the old-world heirloom arabica coffee varieties, passed down through generations from our K'Ho forefathers. 

We grow several varieties of heirloom arabica coffee strains, including; typica, bourbon, yellow bourbon, and catura hybrid.  These varieties combine to give our coffee a unique flavor profile.  

We do three methods of coffee processing; washed, natural, and honey process.  The careful processing with craft fermentation techniques influences the acidity and taste of the coffee. 

Growing at a high elevation compacts the tree's development and makes for the best and highest density coffee beans.  These beans are packed with aroma, flavor and sweetness.