K'Ho Coffee

K'ho Coffee is a cooperative of K'ho families sustainably growing high-quality arabica coffee on Langbiang Mountain, Dalat Vietnam. 

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K.Ho Coffee- Bonneur' C Village, Lac Duong Lam Dong Vietnam  (+84) 974047049


Our Mission

Our aim is to produce the highest quality Arabica green bean and roast on the market.  We achieve this by sustainably growing our 100% Arabica varieties in fertile volcanic high-altitude soils. We harvest cherries by hand only at peak ripeness. After washing, they are dried on raised beds for consistent moisture content.  At each step of the process, beans are graded by hand to maintain our high standards. Our close attention to quality also applies to our coffee farmers in the K'ho community. We work closely with farmers to continually improve the sustainability and quality of our coffee beans.


Rolan Co Lieng

director/ sales/ barista  


(+84) 974047049


Este and Lise 

managing partners at K'Ho Coffee farm.

(+84) 1644874686

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DuLick Moul

Agroforestry Engineer/ Barista/ Sales

(+84) 987903653


Joshua Guikema

coffee roaster/ agronomist/ graphic design


(+84) 989722184


Nick Ippel

brand ambassador/ business advisor


(+84) 1265180498