K'Ho Coffee

Community Coffee

K'ho Coffee is a cooperative of K'ho families sustainably growing high-quality arabica coffee on Langbiang Mountain, Dalat Vietnam. 

A visual breakdown of how K'ho coffee gets made

The Arabica coffee tree blossoms and fruits.

The cherries ripen from green to a bright red.

We handpick the ripest cherries.

Then we sort the cherries to ensure we maintain our exceptional quality standards. 

We pulp and ferment them to remove the cherry flesh and mucilage. Rather than throw the resulting leftover away, we feed them to our pigs. The pits are then dried for several days under the sun.

Now we have to once again comb through them to ensure quality, and also painstakingly grade them for size. At this stage, they are called "green bean" and sold to buyers around the world.

We roast too! Taking the finest beans, we carefully roast them to bring out their incredible taste. 

And there you have it. You can enjoy our roast either by visiting us or our partner cafes scattered throughout Vietnam. Check out the "Find Us" page on our website.